Letters and Poems Read by David H. Doehlert    updated 31 Dec 2009

King John's Christmass - A. A. Milne                mp3    4 :38
Christmas Trees - Robert Frost                          mp3     3:40
Letter Home from Horta, Azores July 1983       mp3   29:47
Christmas Tape 1989                                           mp3   15:55
The Marshes of Glynn - Sydney Lanier             mp3     7:05
Bubble Trouble - Margaret Mahy                      mp3     5:48
A Child's Christmas in Wales - Dylan Thomas  mp3   22:53
Letters by David H. Dohert, in his own hand

Letter from DHD to JMM prior to Azores Trip (probably 1983)  5 pages
David Doehlert reading to grandchild
Dave reading to grandson
Greg McFarlane
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David's Intuition Skills Course Advertisement  1 page
David's Intuition Course March 15, 1983 - New Mexico mp3  15:07

Experimental Strategies Foundation - 8 page printed mail advertisement
Experimental Strategies Foundation - Envelope Design

David H. Doehlert - Obituary - Friends Bulletin July-August 1999

Links: Uniform Shell Design  Computer Gnerated Minimal Response Surface   Dave Doehlert Memorial  
            David Doehlert Legacy  Fluid Coal US Patent 4,159,897  Omni Article  Neil J. A. Sloan 

A statistician in Seattle, David H. Doehlert (personal communication, Oct. 5, 1990)  asked one of us if we could construct designs
for a full quadratic response surface depending on k factors, for k between 3 and 14, in which the number of runs n is minimal
or close to minimal.
The present paper (dealing with points in a sphere) and its sequel (dealing with points in a cube) describe the designs we found
and the method used. The chief merit of our designs when compared with classical ones such as fractional factorial designs,
central composite designs (Box and Wilson, 1951), or uniform shell designs (Doehlert, 1970), lies in the fact that the number
of runs is minimized, an important consideration when runs are expensive.  . . from a paper by R. H. Hardin and N. J. A. Sloane

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