Dorothy Imogene Levis Munroe
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Dorothy and Katheryne Levis
The Levis Twins pages 1-8
The Levis Twins pages 9-18
The Levis Twins pages 19-29
Speech to AAUW Sept 1992
Serious Contender
Descendents of Alfred and Irene Levis
Curriculum Vitae
To Work or Not to Work - essay
Notes on Samuel Levis
Dot and her bicycle
Dorothy's Recipes
Dorothy's Cartoon
The Twins - Early Years
McCormick's Anniversary
Twins on titer-toter Dorothy and Katheryne Eastern High School  Levis Motors, Baltimore, home of the Hudson Teraplane.  
  Chem engineering researchers with Q. Drake, Brown Lab   Dorothy and Katheryne, hot researchers, U of D   Nantucket honeymoon beauty bathing on beach   Dot on horeseback Nantucket and Colorado 
 Dorothy and John  Out with friends July 2006